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Decade trends are perhaps one of the MOST fun things in fashion or one of the most hated… Obviously, the style has the potential to make you relive a positive or negative time of your life (if it’s a decade you inhabited!). Legend is trends take about 20 years to circle, making the Y2K reappearance not that surprising!

The second Y2K butterfly clips showed up on my Esty, I was giddily enchanted. Seeing heeled flip-flops on every internet page? Not my jam. Like any trend, one has to pick and chose what works for them! Slip dresses? Perfect for my petite frame! Low-waisted denim? Not comfortable with how they play with my violin hips.

Y2K vibes are super easy and fun to work into your current wardrobe without looking costume or young. Although if you want to dive in deep- do the quintessential 13 Going on 30 dress! (I need pictures if you do FYI.)

Here are three quick and cheap ways I have been adding some quirky Y2K into my looks. Fun fact: this is an outfit I wore to coffee with a friend last week!

1: Y2K Small Accessories

You don’t have to dig through your closest or run out and get a mini Dior saddle bag to get the vibe. It’s the small little details that are the most fun! Hit up Etsy or Depop for the hair clips, summer camp jewelry, and mood rings. Of course, both have an arm party full of pieces to look threw so I’ve curated some super pieces just for you!

3: The Slip Dress

This style could be considered 90’s or Y2k! Whatever decade you want to attribute it to, this cut is SO flattering to any body type. It’s easy to style- by itself, under something, over something, dress up or down, the possibilities are endless! Plus, you can find them in any length, fabric, or color you could possibly want. Stay tuned for an upcoming post just on slip dresses! Btw, I own a satin one from COS I like have linked and it’s 3 years into its life and doesn’t look a day old (despite throwing it in the washing machine and dryer all the time…).

2: Strappy Heels

Y2K styles were on the “stringy” side. Skinny scarves, whale tails, the two front pieces of hair we’d pull out of any hair style- and the shoes. I was never on the flip-flop bandwagon as they have always hurt my toes. I’m the driver of the bandwagon for the strappy kitten heel revival though! These Y2K shoes just come across as chic and give any look a cool vibe. 

PS: Bonus shot of The Mighty Brutus because everyone could use more smooshed dog faces in their life.