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I made a big move beginning of the summer- sartorially speaking, that is. I finally let go of all of my ultra-short denim shorts that honestly were a size or two too small. Struggling with myself and how I felt in them was just NOT worth it to me this year. However, doing so left a hole in my summer wardrobe. This led me on a hunt for age-appropriate and body-appropriate shorts. Let me tell you. NOT a fun or an easy shopping trip. I DESPISE denim and bra shopping, seriously, the worst vestiary decision making ever.


Anyways. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely an online shopper! The majority of stores offer free returns, and since the majority of stores no longer have their fitting rooms open, online shopping means you get non-funky mirrors AND better lighting. I placed a couple of different orders for wide leg denim shorts, and by far, this white pair from Free People is MY FAVORITE! While the seeming bulk around the leg can seem overwhelming, they are easy to wear and are just as breezy as a summer skirt!


So the question remains: how do you style a pair of wide leg denim shorts?!


First: Balance. Like all things in life, balance is a good starting point. So we start with big shorts! Pulling them off means going one of two ways: pair the wide leg denim shorts with the rest of the look oversized OR with more streamlined pieces. For my look in this post, I obviously went for the more streamlined version- small purse, fitted top, sleek shoes.


Second: Create length! No matter how tall or short you are when you wear a pair of wide leg denim shorts, they provide width and volume rather than length, which is important to keep in mind! You don’t have to wear a heel but wearing a shoe that cuts at your ankle? Probably not the best fashion choice! Choose something with a low vamp.


Third: I swear this isn’t a cop-out or a cheat but CONFIDENCE. Is this honestly a style you could love to wear? Then GO FOR IT. In all honesty, you could have the most perfectly curated looking the world, but if you didn’t feel confident in it, then it wouldn’t look right at all.


Btw white shorts are way more scared of you spilling something on them than you are of wearing them! Now the next wardrobe hole I need to fill in is my need for pants that aren’t denim… What’s a new clothing piece you’ve tried recently OR a hole in your wardrobe you are shopping for. 


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