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Welcome, greetings, salutations! Are you here because you remember a little ol’ blog by the name of Basking in Burgundy? If you are, I thank you for sticking around for this fresh evolution! OR are you here because we’re about to be new internet pals? Either way, read on to get the welcome low down!

I should start with my long absence between the previous and now. Basically, I was in a car accident and lost my brain, neck, shoulder, and lots more. However, throughout that time, I gained new knowledge of myself, personal strength, and the happiest home of my wildest dreams. That’s the easy peasy, simple breakdown of 2 years of my life. Cool? Let’s move on.

So what am I saying welcome to; what is Drop the Ish? It’s your invitation to join me in letting go of everything that isn’t serving the most actual form of you. Drop the ish expectations that society puts on us as women- the perfect body, perfect style, perfect family, perfect job. Instead, focus on what makes you feel whole, present, and gratified.

I believe how one dresses has a lot to do with how one feels. Hence, I present a thesis: What you wear is what you feel, and in turn, impacts how you feel. Drop the Ish is not just telling you about the products or items I love and getting you to buy them. It’s about having conversations to push ourselves higher and past societal constructs and expectations.

Bookmark the blog to get content that’s not just a cute look but about how to maximize your wardrobe, use it to flip your mood, and literally wear your heart on your sleeve. Follow Drop the Ish on Instagram for your daily dose of realness with a hit of style and maybe a pun or two.

Without further ado:

Welcome to Drop the Ish. 

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