Anxiety Overload: Learning How To Stand Up For Myself

Life lesson time: I'm still learning how to stand up for myself, and SPOILER ALERT- it's hard. I was recently wearing a sequined blue maxi dress at a morning event where a woman INTENTIONALLY came up to me to say: "Wow, you wanted attention this morning." I was so...

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Picture of woman in bright coral blouse standing on a sidewalk while facing the camera.

How To Style A Puff Dress AND NOT BE Costumey

If you have been following me for any time, you will know of my love for a puff dress! There is something whimsical about them, and the style evokes an art-like feel. I won't lie, though. I see how one could only view them as a dress-up-only item for a special...

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Woman in a black puff dress with white sneakers walking in front of a flower wall.

2022 Summer: My Purchases and How To Style Them

There are some genuinely bold 2022 summer style trends! Y2K is still back with a vengeance, and the unhinged fashion girlies are taking over with their unique styling. Fashion right now emphasizes personal style more than we have seen since the early 2000s...

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2022 Summer style featured image

How To Wear A Dress With Sneakers

A dress with sneakers has become a reigning style in 2022. I read the other day that all the gals in London are pairing their white sneakers with a floral dress and denim jacket. (Can you confirm this if you are in London btw?!) I have two theories why this style...

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Woman leaning against a wall wearing a dress with sneakers and an oversized denim jacket.

Style Reboot: How To Style Cowgirl Boots

I LOVE cowgirl boots! They are comfy and practical and come in a crazy selection of patterns and shapes- from classic to super funky. I wear mine with dresses, denim, trousers, skirts, everything, and anything! FUN FACT: I met my husband while two-stepping at a...

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gif featuring five pairs of cowgirl boots, how to style cowgirl boots

Dopamine Dressing: Three Ways to Embrace Your Inner Child

Dopamine dressing is one of the buzziest trends in the fashion world! While it's a new phrase for some, I have been familiar with it for a while. How often do you get dressed with the express purpose of giving yourself a dose of happy chemicals? Or- do you even...

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woman wearing yellow dress that laces up that back and is looking over her shoulder

Refresh Your Relationship With Three Midweek Date Night Ideas

 Living with someone else can be challenging- no matter how much you love them! Being in a long-term relationship can sometimes leave you feeling like roommates rather than partners. Obviously, a great way to reconnect is a solid vacation, like when we went to San...

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Style Basics 101: Print Clashing Made Easy

Two things in fashion speak to my soul above all others: print clashing and mixing different textures (that will be a later blog post)! Print clashing was significant amongst the 2010 street style stars before giving way to normcore and minimalism before the...

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Kait Elizabeth

2022 Spring Style Reboot: My Purchases and How to Wear Them

Spring 2022 style is full of bright colors and bold patterns! There seems to be a general theme of dopamine dressing: wearing what makes you happy! Additionally, there continues to be a strong desire to express ourselves through style in a way that hasn't been so...

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