The sweater vest is one of the biggest trends for fall. It’s amazing how this piece jumped from geeks only to the backs of fashion lovers the world over! The best part is how easy they are to style; they pair well with dresses, skirts, denim, trousers, even joggers. Plus, the plethora of sweater vests available means you can easily find one that fits well into your current wardrobe.

Personally, I’m all about the sweaters vest for transitional dressing! I hate when there’s one cold day and then bam back to summer dressing- at that point I’m just over summer dressing and want thick sweaters and allllllll the layers. Vests give you layering choices during the weather flux without encasing your arms in a way that makes you feel like you need a million extra coats of deodorant. Let’s dive into how to style them!


Kait Elizabeth in a pink skirt with an oversized denim shirt and oversized black sweater vest.
Kait Elizabeth sitting outdoors in a denim shirt and oversized black sweater vest with her hair in a claw clip.

1: Classic Sweater Vest Pairing: The Collared Shirt.


You don’t have to keep this classic combo buttoned-up and clean-cut, and you probably don’t want to unless preppy is your go-to style. I made the combination feel more modern by putting together two oversized pieces. I stole the chambray shirt from my husband, and I buttoned the bottom four buttons off-skelter to show the mini skirt instead of allowing it to disappear under the oversized tops. Another fun way to make this pairing modern and chic is by print mixing! I’ll probably rewear this whole look but put a printed turtle neck like THIS under the sweater vest instead. Because, I, Kait Elizabeth, am an outfit repeater


Kait Elizabeth wearing lug sole cream boots with a denim shirt, oversized black sweater vest and pink skirt leaning against a fence.

2: On its own.


We often think of a sweater vest as a layering piece; however, take a second look at it. They are simply sleeveless sweaters, and there’s a certain stylistic appeal to wearing on alone. Again, a big plus to sweater vests is the fantastic way they bridge transitional dressing! A great way to wear one as a sleeveless look is to throw one on over a basic slip dress with a pair of chunky boots. Another quick idea is to pair with your fav denim and a loafer with a bandana bolo around your neck. If it is oversized and you are concerned about side boob, or your bra showing, put a chic bralette like THIS under it.


A woman in her 30's sitting outdoors in an oversized denim shirt and black sweater vest and lug sole cream boots.
Kait Elizabeth in an oversized black sweater vest, denim shirt and pink skirt and lug sole cream skirt.

3: Make it monochrome.


Throw a sweater on under in the same shade, et voila- a new whole sweater. I keep a collection of thinner cashmere and merino black turtlenecks on hand to not only wear alone (you won’t find anything classier for winter- think Audrey Hepburn) but to layer. The shades do not have to match perfectly for this look to be considered monochrome! A light and dark pink/yellow/blue/green can really play nicely together to make a look that is uniquely you. The only time I’d be careful with this tip is when putting together shades of black- it tends to look strange when you have a true black and soft black together. 

How do you feel about the sweater vest trend? Still too high school nerd for you or are you digging its chic rebrand? Have you added one to your wardrobe? Here are a few for you to check out if you are dying to try or to add another!


Sweater Vest Picks


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