When I sat down to write my style in and out list, I thought it was a quick idea, but the blog post kept going and going. I didn’t want a Vogue September issue-length post, so I split it into two posts. Previously, I shared the OUT part of my style in and out list. Now it’s time to talk about my INS!

(If you didn’t read my OUT post, where I talk about finally having access to my whole closet after 13 moves in eight-ish years, take a second and read it here!)

My OUT list:

1: Holding on pieces that no longer fit- physically or emotionally.

2: Wanting the ‘IT’ item- unless it’s your forever item.

3: Sequins- new ones are out due to environmental waste.

I spent about six months creating the above list and then narrowing it down to focus on my wardrobe and personal style evolution. However, I also wanted to be sure that I didn’t change my entire closet to fit who I am now, and I regret not having the pieces during my next transformation. (Been there, done that. I got rid of more than 75% of my closet in a manic event that led to me being diagnosed as bipolar! Fun times.)

As mentioned, I’m not a New Year’s resolution person! I’m doing the style in and out list because it’s a fun way to redefine what you want to focus on in your life or style.

Without further ado, here are the style INS I have been thinking about for a while and will focus on for the following year!

Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar), Turtleneck: Scotch and Soda (similar), Earrings: Ettika, Hair Bows: Amazon, Purse: Old Zara (similar), Shoes: Stradivarius (similar)

Style In and Out List #1: All The Volume

I’m not a big person; take away the platforms, and I’m five feet flat! People have bumped into me more than once in my life based on the sheer fact that they don’t see me. The number of concerts I have been to only to have my view blocked by a height-blessed person is incalculable at this rate…. (At the same time, when people notice and let me go in front has led to some amazing friendships!)

In the past few years, brands like Selkie have exploded onto the sartorial scene, bringing with them a rise in voluminous styles. Obviously, I LOVE the mini puff! As a short person, the mini will always and forever be flattering. There is so much volume in fashion beyond the notorious puff dress, though!

In life, I am not a big rule-breaker.

Which means I break every style commandment I can! So, what VOLUME am I going for? I’m the queen of opposites. Baby shower? All I want to wear is black. Funeral? I lean toward magical unicorn. Why? Who knows. It’s internal to me. (Btw, I dress appropriately for funerals; I just have to make VERY conscientious choices to do so! Most conventional style theories will not push petite people to massive sleeves, so obviously, that’s my jam!

Where am I finding the pieces to fill the need for volume? Lately, it’s been Sister Jane. They do an amazing sleeve!  (Bonus: You can always find their pieces for great prices second-hand on Depop!)

Anne of Cleves or of Green Gables is what my wardrobe is craving currently.

In List #2: Luxe Fabrics

Are you drawn to different textures? You know how something looks soft, so you have to touch it? The worst is when the feeling ISN’T what you expect, and then you must wash your hands ASAP! Just me? Cool. Most of our clothing daily is denim, cotton, lycra (stretchy), or polyester (slippy) blend. However, the fabric world is SO much bigger, and I want to be part of that world! Instead of thing-a-ma-bobs, you have tulle. Trade the whatcha-ma-call-its for Jacquard!

With the advent of the mob wife aesthetic embracing a rise in the fur trend (faux or vintage-only boos!), now is the time to add it to the texture rotation. While I can’t recommend leather pants for their breathability, they definitely fit into the luxe texture category! I am especially LOVING metallic versions. Have you seen these pink ones from Amy Lynn? Swoon. They’d be perfect with my hair and pink cowboy boots!

In List #3: Shopping Secondhand Designer

I have been aware of places like Depop (I much prefer it to Poshmark!) and The RealReal for ages. I had favorited but never actually purchased from designer brands on these sites. Let’s be honest, shopping anywhere is not cheap these days! At the end of 2023, I discovered the annual sale on Ssense and was shocked that I could buy designer for the same price as some pieces on Free People or even Asos! Like, shut up! Then Vestiare Collective entered the chat. Wow. My sartorial mind was blown that I could own the designers I had only dreamed of. Sure, at this point, it may be earrings or necklaces, but they have become my most worn pieces, and I TREASURE them!

Let me clarify, though; it’s not because of the name. It’s because of the unique vibe and nature of the pieces. The biggest reason I’m trending toward designer pieces is the quality! Goodness. For instance, my favorite Kika Vargas dress is just LUXE- the fabric, the stitching, and the construction are all top-notch.

Which of these INS from my style in and out list for 2024 resonate with you? 

MORE IMPORTANTLY, what are you currently adding to your wardrobe to be the youest you? I’d love to know in the comments or, even better, a DM! 

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