Life lesson time: I’m still learning how to stand up for myself, and SPOILER ALERT- it’s hard.

I was recently wearing a sequined blue maxi dress at a morning event where a woman INTENTIONALLY came up to me to say: “Wow, you wanted attention this morning.” I was so taken aback that all I could do was smile, say, “Have a good morning,” and walk away.

Like what? 

First, why was that the only thing she said- no good morning, no “wow, that’s a sparkly dress,” nothing. Second, why did I say nothing in return- no snappy comeback, no Michelle Tanner “how rude,” nothing. 

I go into instant anxiety overload and SHUT DOWN when confronted about anything. My brain cannot think, and my mouth cannot speak. It doesn’t matter if one approaches me in a positive or negative matter; I close up. Then, after the “event,” my anxiety-ridden brain plays the moment over and over, sometimes even years later, for me to review and over-analyze. Yay.

I’ll never be the person who can have a fiery scalding comeback when someone speaks to me as she did. It’s not my personality. However, I should have said something to let her know it’s NOT ok to talk to people like that! So how do I balance learning how to stand up for myself and doing so with grace and kindness?

Learning How To Stand Up For Myself: 3 Tips

1: Breath.

I allow all of the air to exit my body and, in doing so, lose the ability to speak. Maintaining a calm composure and not letting myself become instantly flustered seems like a good starting place.

2: Redirect.

I felt AMAZING in my dress, and I never thought I needed to defend my decision to wear it. The issue was I never get dressed for attention, but rather in a way that makes me happy that day (bring on the dopamine dressing!). Perhaps I could have redirected it back to her and asked, “oh, why did you get dressed this morning?” Too snarky?


3: Sometimes, standing up for myself is walking away.

Looking at it now, I can tell she was projecting her insecurities and biases about fashion onto my poor sequined dress. What would confronting her about her statement have changed about that moment or how I felt? Was she trying to bait me into saying something to make herself feel better? Ultimately, I did stand up for myself, even though I didn’t speak. I didn’t let her make me feel bad about myself or say something I would regret.

Woman posing while wearing a coral blouse and patterned pants and neon heels. Learning how to stand up for myself.
Stylish woman holding a railing while looking at camera.
Woman wearing a bright blouse framing her face with her hands while looking at the camera.
Woman in coral blouse and patterned pants leaning over a railing.
Woman leaning against red wall and holding a teal silk bag. Learning how to stand up for myself.
Stylish woman holding a railing while looking at camera.
Woman standing in a parking lot in a coral blouse and patterned pants.

I’m working on standing up for myself.

Do you have the snappy come-back nailed, or do you shut down?

I’d love to know what you would have done!

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