If you’re questioning whether socks are in style the quick take is YES. For decades, socks with sandals has been a dad trope that the fashion world has made fun. However, over the past few seasons, socks with any type of shoe have dominated the runways and social media. So are socks in style? ABSOLUTELY.  From models and celebrities to influencers and your BFF, pairing socks with mules, sandals, heels, or any other shoe choice is trending. 

Putting on a pair of socks is an easy way to bring more color and pattern to your look. Have a pair of shoes that always rub the wrong way? Add a pair of socks and never get another blister! I am all for any style trend that is not only funky but practical as well. 

I have been pairing socks with all my shoes and just love the slight 80s/geek feel it give my look. It has a vintage flair while feeling modern at the same time. Socks are a truly cheap and effective way to add a layer to your look! 


Are socks in style? Here’s how I’m wearing them!


1: Make it Monochrome.

(Shoes: Steve Madden, Socks: Sock Candy)


are socks in style? socks with bright pink platform shoes.

2: Add more color.

(Shoes: ALDO, Socks: ASOS, Similar)

Kait Elizabeth wearing black dress and loafers with bright pink socks in style

3: Add a print.

(Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Socks: Nordstrom)

Kait Elizabeth in coral red Dream Sister Jane dress floral socks in style and pink heels.

How do you feel abut this micro trend? Do you think socks are in style?

Or is this a style you are going to skip cause of the “dad in socks and sandals” vibe it can give off.

I’d love to know your thoughts below!

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