How often do you go into your wardrobe and have nothing to wear? Or all the pieces you own are boring you to death? We all have those times when the closet we own is completely uninspiring or feels like it no longer matches who we are. With style and mental health being so interconnected, it can be very frustrating and disheartening when something that was so intimate to us no longer connects. 

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For the majority of us, completely overhauling our wardrobe when this happens is not a practical solution. However, being miserable in your clothes is not an option either! A seemingly easy fix would be to order a few new pieces to work in; after all, it’s “good for the economy.” Realistically, in this economy, it’s not possible to always add a new piece! Plus, add in finding the right piece, shipping times, and then potentially having to order a new size, and it’s not going to help you TODAY as you figure out what to look confident in at your board meeting or dinner with friends.

I’m not promising these tips to mean you will never panic about what to wear or press purchase on that online cart! Hopefully, they will make you pause and consider how to shake up your wardrobe and reimagine the style possibilities it holds.

1: Reimagine a dress as a skirt.

While I’m sure that you have heard this tip before, take a moment to seriously consider the possibilities. First, you can do it with any length dress, which means you now have mini, midi, and maxi skirts to play with. Second, it’s a great what to take what could be a seasonal dress and make it multi-seasonal!

Take the look I’m wearing! The Anthropologie dress is most definitely a summer piece, but I’ve styled it for winter with a sweater. Now, hop over to this post for how I styled the same dress as a pinafore/jumper/overall? for more of an autumn vibe.

So, how do you get the sweater or shirt to “tuck” in? (What look doesn’t a French tuck improve?) The answer is a belt. (Somehow in life, KISS always comes back into play: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Like my anxiety does well with that one…) Whether you keep the sash a dress comes with or put a random belt around your waist, you now have the band you need for tucking!

2: Shake up your bag. 

Do you always gravitate to the same rotation of purses? I do. I have one in particular that is my go-to! A micro black velvet box purse with a Barbie logo and pearls. It’s big enough for a credit card and a lipstick, and that’s it! However, any look I do, it just completes it! I know many individuals who do NOT like switching their main bag. That does not mean you cannot reimagine it! 

Look closely at the above image- it’s two bags layered together, a floral embroidered one and a velvet one with feather detailing and beads! By hooking the handle of one on the strap of the other, I created an entirely new bag! I also added more prints and textures to the look, which makes my maximalist heart happy. Another option is to wear two bags, a la Carrie Bradshaw! Personally, I’m a big fan of a tiny purse and a big tote bag, practical and stylish. 

3: Accessories failing to wow? 


  • Earrings as a broach. (Be careful that they are super secure). 
  • String multiple necklaces together for a funky, twisted, layered piece. 
  • Use a necklace as a boot chain! 
  • Rings as charms on hoop earrings or a necklace. 
  • Add ribbon bows on everything and anything! Through the weave of a sweater, in your hair, on your bag, on a necklace. This is a great way to add texture and color! 
  • A scarf as a belt, tights as a scarf. 

The key is to never look at any item for what it is or its traditional use. Look at what it could and can be! No one will know except you. 

Three simple, immediate, and creative ways to shake up your wardrobe without the stress (or expense) of a complete overhaul. Remember, personal style is about expressing who you are and having fun playing in your closet. So, next time you’re staring at the wardrobe void feeling uninspired, take a step back and see the potential in what you already own. It’s not about having more; it’s about working creatively with what you have. Let your wardrobe transform into a treasure trove of possibilities!

Do you have tips on how to shake up your wardrobe? I would love to be inspired by you in the comments!

PS: If none of the above is working for you, a coat of lipstick can shake up any look! 

PSS: Read all about my sartorial quandary that is wearing red and pink and how I dropped that style -ish!

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