We all have our comfort zone when it comes to color within our wardrobes! While jewel tones, pastels, and neutrals, may fill our closets, we can be trepidatious when trying to style a new color. Perhaps we are uncomfortable with certain shades because we keep hearing from friends, family, or society that we can’t wear them, or it wasn’t appropriate at whatever age or in whatever workplace.

I’m here to tell you to GO FOR IT; style that new color you’ve been admiring all over your social feed, or that has been catching your eye every time you go out!

Of course, that is easier said than done! It can be hard to drop the ish that has been placed on you even about something as seemingly as small as the color in your closet. Here are three easy and small ways to style a new color! 


woman sitting outside coffee shop

1: Style a new color on your head!


By doing just the tiniest hint of the color, you get the opportunity to start very slowly- although I promise one accessory will soon lead to another! The Y2K resurgence is showing up huge in the hair accessory category right now: cute and practical. From claw clips to scrunchies and headbands, there are so many fun options available to try! Though these accessories may seem small, they can have a significant impact on your whole look. Btw, I’m sharing options below of a color I want to try- one of the padded headbands will be mine!



PS: The photo above is me following this tip! I loved this shade of burnt orange on everyone else but never thought I could wear it. After starting small with the headband, I now own dresses, tops, and so much more in this shade! 

lower half of the body picture of Kait Elizabeth in a red flower knew length dress, white ankle boots, and holds a neon orange Steve Madden Camo Purse

2: Try a new shade with your bag! 


Whether a structured handbag or a giant tote, what you’re carrying on your wrist or arm is the perfect item to style a new color with! The key to this tip is to choose a shape of bag that you truly LOVE and is tried and true to your wardrobe. For instance, I’m partial to mini handbags! They make it super easy to try out any shade. 



PS: I was always hesitant to do neon! However, the Steve Madden bag above featuring different neon camos has become one of my most styled pieces. Now I’m even looking at getting THIS “slightly” neon tee

Kait Elizabeth sitting on a stoop wearing a Uniqlo Star Wars tshirt and Sam Edelman yellow mules

3: Dip your toes into a new color pool! 


Perhaps my favorite way to try a new color is to go shopping for a new pair of shoes! It’s a win-win- fresh color and new shoes! Again, as with the purse tip, go for a pair where you love the shape and fit. I’ve recently been looking for a pair of hot pink shoes for myself, so I’m sharing my top picks with you.





I’d love to know how you have styled a new color before! Do you jump all in and go right for a sweater or suit? Or are you like me and start with a little pop before leaping? 

It’s always good to try something new! Sartorially speaking, trying to style a new color can add a spark to your style that could reignite your whole wardrobe. Emotionally speaking, something as small as trying a new color could make you feel different- refreshed, giggly, happy, maybe even a little more confident.

Btw all the items shown in this post are affiliate links. Nothing changes for you when you purchase from them; however, I get a small kickback which is much appreciated! 

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