If you have been following me for any time, you will know of my love for a puff dress! There is something whimsical about them, and the style evokes an art-like feel. I won’t lie, though. I see how one could only view them as a dress-up-only item for a special event. However, I firmly believe that clothing articles shouldn’t sit in your closet for special occasions! I am here to say they are completely practical as everyday wear when paired with the right accessories. 

My other style belief is if you find the perfect dress or piece for an event, BUY IT. By which I mean, if you find a fancy item that fits perfectly and you adore it, get it. It’s much easier to have it than to search for one when you need it. Puff dresses are a perfect example of this style tip! 

The Puff Dress

1: Ground the puffy cloud with the right shoe.

If you pair a dressy dress with heels, you will keep it looking fancy, which is not bad! To make a puff dress more wearable for any activity (including my fave, grocery shopping), go with an uber-casual shoe. I love this cool high-top Nike sneaker with the super frilly black Selkie dress in this look! I also style it with a laid-back tote bag- practical and funky.


(Dress: Selkie– mine is the Sugarfrill which they are not currently offering, but I’m linking the classic puff in black! Shoes: Nike, Tote: ASOS

Woman in a black puff dress with white sneakers walking in front of a flower wall.

2: Don’t be afraid to go BOLD.

You are already wearing a bold shape so go all the way and pair it with a bold color! From hot pink to slime green, these puff dress options are next level. Even better, make the look monochrome to elevate it even more. 

(Dress: Selkie, Boots: Jeffery Campbell)


3: Embrace the volume!

Pair the oversized shape of the dress with another oversized piece. I love the oversized denim pairing in this example! However, another great option would be a giant handbag or tote. 

(Jacket: Scotch and Soda, Dress: Dream Sister Jane (Similar), Shoes: ASOS (Similar))

woman wearing puff dress and oversized denim jacket

Are you equally in love with the puff dress silhouette as I am?

Have you given one a go? 

I would love to see how you style yours. Use the #droptheish on social so I can check it out! 

kait elizabeth