Monochrome and maximalist style seem like two opposite camps, and never the twain shall meet. However, just because they seem so different does not mean they are mutually exclusive. Instead, they can play well together and ensure you use your closet to its full potential! 

Let’s break down what each style is and then how to pair them together: 

Monochromatic Style:

Most people think of monochromatic styling as a set, like a suit or a romper with matching accessories. It’s often a technique used with neutral colors, such as brown, black, tan, blue, etc. You don’t have to stick with the neutrals! Do head to toe in your favorite color for a look that pops.

Wearing a monochrome look can help you see how your closet goes together. Do you have a dominant color palette in your wardrobe? Lean into it! This technique will also help you when shopping! Realizing the colors you love the most will ensure every piece you buy goes with what you already have. i.e. this pink dress, which matched all of the pink accessories I already had!

Maximalist Style:

Maximalist style is going all out when getting dressed and wearing it all. I lean toward maximalism when getting dressed! It’s a great way to get the most out of your closet because you can wear it all at once. Hallmarks of the maximalist style include tons of accessories, lots of prints, and lots of colors! (Read more about what I added to my maximalist closet for spring here!)

Pairing Monochromatic and Maximalist Style:

So what happens when you put the two together? You get a hot pink look full of shapes and textures! By doing this, you maintain monochrome with your palette but add maximalist style with the individual pieces!

The easiest way to do this?

Go into your closet and grab everything the same color, put it on, and bam! You have achieved the perfect blend of all out and simple!

Kait Elizabeth wearing a hot pink tulle dress, hot pink tights, and hot pink platforms. Maximalist style with monochrome color.
Side view of woman wearing a hot pink bow and puff sleeve dress.
Kait Elizabeth holding flowers while posing an a monochrome maximalist style.
Kait Elizabeth posing on a stool in a maximalist style all hot pink dress, tights, and shoes.
Picture of woman holding tropical flowers while balancing on one leg in a pink maximalist style outfit.
Kait Elizabeth wearing a hot pink tulle dress, hot pink tights, and hot pink platforms. Maximalist style with monochrome color.

(Outfit details: dress (ASOS, similar), shoes (Steve Madden, similar), tights (Amazon), earrings (Zara, similar), bow (Amazon))

Are you a monochromatic or maximalist style babe? 


Are you like me and just wear whatever makes you happy each day? 

kait elizabeth