Drop the Ish: A blog about style, beauty, life, all built on mental health. Allowing myself to let go of my need for perfection. To be raw and broken, open and unfiltered. I am moving forward to enable others to find the same self-love.

The Not Day: How to Give Yourself Time

The Not Day is a concept I invented after a mental breakdown and a serious car accident. Here's the deal: We have a lot to get done in life. I'm not talking about big picture life but just day-to-day life. I'd write a list but honestly, no...

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Couple’s Photos?- Here’s The Vibrant San Diego Shoot

We were supposed to go to Belize in 2020- canceled: COVID. We were supposed to go to Belize in 2021- canceled: my shoulder surgery. Those couple's photos would have been dreamy! At this point, I'm convinced going to Belize is just cursed... SO...

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man and woman sitting outside san diego

Welcome! Old Or New, I’m So Happy You’re Here!

Welcome, greetings, salutations! Are you here because you remember a little ol' blog by the name of Basking in Burgundy? If you are, I thank you for sticking around for this fresh evolution! OR are you here because we're about to be new internet...

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How To Make Yesterday’s Y2K Energy Today’s Vibe

Decade trends are perhaps one of the MOST fun things in fashion or one of the most hated... Obviously, the style has the potential to make you relive a positive or negative time of your life (if it's a decade you inhabited!). Legend is trends...

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