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How To Shake up Your Wardrobe When Uninspired

How often do you go into your wardrobe and have nothing to wear? Or all the pieces you own are boring you to death? We all have those times when the closet we own is completely uninspiring or feels like it no longer matches who we are. With...

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Fashion Psychology: How To Make Style Work For your Mood

Did you know there is an overlap between fashion and mental health? Fashion psychology is an "interdisciplinary field that examines the interaction between human behavior, individual psychology, and fashion, as well as the various factors that...

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Style Basics 101: How To Style Unique Tights For Women

I bet you’ve never seen this phrase before: the whimsical universe of unique tights. For some reason, I just had to write it. With that out of the way, let's talk about unique tights for women!  Tights are having a massive style moment in Fall...

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How To Give A Compliment: The Individual VS The Look

Let's talk about the art of how to give a compliment. I say art because giving a meaningful compliment truly is an art form. How we express admiration, respect, or affection can have a profound impact, not just on the receiver but on our...

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Sartorial Quandary: How To Style A Dress Over Pants

If you are between the ages of 29-35, you undoubtedly remember the prime days of Disney Channel. Images of teen stars on the red carpet in gloriously wild layered looks probably live rent-free in your brain! Who didn't have a Disney Channel star...

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