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Style Reboot: How To Style Cowgirl Boots

I LOVE cowgirl boots! They are comfy and practical and come in a crazy selection of patterns and shapes- from classic to super funky. I wear mine with dresses, denim, trousers, skirts, everything, and anything! FUN FACT: I met my husband while...

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gif featuring five pairs of cowgirl boots, how to style cowgirl boots

Dopamine Dressing: Three Ways to Embrace Your Inner Child

Dopamine dressing is one of the buzziest trends in the fashion world! While it's a new phrase for some, I have been familiar with it for a while. How often do you get dressed with the express purpose of giving yourself a dose of happy chemicals?...

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woman wearing yellow dress that laces up that back and is looking over her shoulder

Style Basics 101: Print Clashing Made Easy

Two things in fashion speak to my soul above all others: print clashing and mixing different textures (that will be a later blog post)! Print clashing was significant amongst the 2010 street style stars before giving way to normcore and...

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