Living with someone else can be challenging- no matter how much you love them! Being in a long-term relationship can sometimes leave you feeling like roommates rather than partners. Obviously, a great way to reconnect is a solid vacation, like when we went to San Diego, but that isn’t always possible!

So how do you bring back the spark and break the routine?

I’m sharing three midweek date night ideas to shake things up to leave you and your partner feeling connected and refreshed.

Let’s Get To It Midweek Date Night Ideas:


1: Step up your take-out!


Going out to eat can sometimes feel like an event and a process; however, takeout is just a midweek tradition in front of the tv. Instead of eating out of the containers, take time to set the table and sit down to eat together, focused only on each other.

I love pulling out a list of random questions to ask each other! It’s incredible how much you can learn about your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together. Plus, you never know what new facts you will learn about each other!


2: Need super AfforDAble MIDWEEK DATE NIGHT IDEAS? Take a walk!


Not a just walk to take the dogs out, aka another chore, but one with intention. HOLD HANDS. Skip together, play eye spy, stop and play on the playground, and allow yourselves to have fun together.


3: Go Old School


There are SO many board games and card games for two people! We have the best conversations and best laughs while getting competitive. Our favorite games to pull out are Sequence, Rummy, and Russian Bank!

stylish couple posing on a cement block
stylish man and woman in San Diego
stylish man and woman in San Diego leaning on wall
man and woman sitting and smiling on stairs
man and woman kissing on stairs
man and women holding hands and smiling

What are your favorite midweek couples date night ideas to do?

I’d love to know what helps you and your partner to reconnect when you’re feeling the distance!