-ish: partly, kind of, sort of.

Let’s find fullness.

Mentally, physically, socially, sartorially.

Kait Elizabeth

Drop the Ish is about letting go of all the sh*t holding you back from being the you-est you possible. Everything society, “well-intentioned” family members, even your best friend lays on you that you feel you have to do, look like, live up to…

Just drop that ish and fully discover the depths of ourselves! Let’s discover how to wear our hearts on our sleeves- by wearing the styles and fashions that make our hearts happy.

The mood is open, eccentric, and bemusing. The style is curated maximalism. Mental health is the basis. And the journey is just starting.

Hello there, I’m Kait Elizabeth,

I’m an almost 30 (just on the other side of it!) curator of the eclectic and cultivator of I-just-met-you-tell-me-your-whole-life-story conversations. I wear my heart on my sleeve through maximalist styling. I’m constantly seeking to understand my brain through raw mental health conversations.

I’m a senior dog lover. My husband, Bill, and I currently have two: Bilhelm (12) and Bran (10), however, we are currently looking to grow our pack by at least two! Did you notice the “B” trend? It makes me the Queen B in our home!

I am a Star Wars enthusiast. Eating and sleeping are my two favorite activities.

Now it’s your turn. I want to learn all about YOU and how WE can do life together!

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