How to wear pink and red without looking like you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day has always been a sartorial quandary for me! Just like red and green outside of Christmas, it boggles my brain.

Maximalist style is all about mixing colors, textures, prints, and styles. If you’ve been here for a while, you know I’m all about some color shake-ups! The how to wear pink and red is just not a direction I have ever felt comfortable in; it’s always felt costume-ish. Well, that’s some styling -ish that I’m going to drop from my do-not list (which currently contains neons, ankle-height shoes, and any hat that looks like “Christian Girl Autumn“, iykyk). 

Let’s walk through how I sartorially pushed myself! I, yet again, tried putting some of my favorite pieces together and learned how to wear pink and red. As a bonus, I threw in green to start conquering my fear of Christmas-ish red and green! 

How To Wear Pink And Red: Step One- Choose What You Love.

Honestly, if I didn’t have pieces I love in the two colors, I don’t think I could have dropped this –ish! These knee-high red cowboy boots have been a STAPLE in my closet since I purchased them in the spring. I have worn them with shorts, pants, skirts, dressed and everything in between! Cowboy boots are some of the most comfy shoes you will ever wear.

Another item I’ve had for years is the sweater vest. I’m super into sweater vests at the moment, so pairing it with the boots was a no-brainer.



One of the reasons I feel comfortable with wearing this pink and red look is because the colors are the same shades! I’m not doing neon pink with a blue-red. It’s not a vibrant fuchsia pink with a watercolor red. First, the floral print of the dress has a light pink center with petals in a half-way to a red shade. The vest has the red shade of the petals, and the boots are slightly brighter than the vest.

While the how to not wear pink and red shades above should be avoided (unless they make you feel happy), there are exceptions. For instance, fuchsia would be fabulous with deep blood red. The neon pink would be vibrant against a dark burgundy!


A red lip has been my go-to makeup statement for the past two years. And I love how it connects with the boots to bring together the top and the bottom of the look! It’s a great way to ground a look. Makeup can be a bold take on how to wear pink and red. Have you tried a pink eye? Sounds gross, but pink shadow is super flattering on any skin tone! A great way to compliment it? A red lip, of course! Or give an old-school crimson blush a complimentary pop of deep, rosy red. Like your style, your makeup is a form of personal expression. Eyes may be the window to the soul, but the curtains you chose are your soul peeking out! 


I’m proud of myself for working past this sartorial quandary and dropping the -ish of how to wear red and pink! Not only did I do it once, but I also styled another look featuring red and pink! Check out my post “How To Shake Up Your Wardrobe When Uninspired.” Btw, notice the green headband? That’s me taking the next step to conquer my fear of holiday shades- the red and green! 

Are there any color combs that make you go ehhhhh? What’s your style challenge you just can’t figure out how to do? I’d love to know! Perhaps we can find an answer together! 

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