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Kait Elizabeth showing how to style your inner nerd by wearingwearing bedazzled jeans, classic slingbacks, a star wars sweatshirt and checked woven bag.
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While I love everything about fashion, from its history to psychology, my true passion has always been Star Wars. In actuality, the two have always been interwoven in my life! So let’s get into how to style your inner nerd:

A little backstory…

I remember vividly the outfit I was wearing the first time I watched A New Hope sitting on my dad’s lap at four years old. It consists of two french braids and silver rimmed giant glasses, a yellow puckered t-shirt with a daisy at the neckline, and denim shorts with daisies on them. I was hooked the moment Vader entered the scene.

When Phantom Menace dropped in theaters, I remember seeing it directly after church. This timing was a big deal! I got to wear my fancy twirly navy, and cream checked dress with lace and flowers across the chest and lacy socks with patent leather shoes and a matching purse.

For a while, I relegated my inner nerd to collecting t-shirts that were only to be worn at home- and of course, adding to my action figure collection, specifically Leias and Padmes. Strong female leads before it was cool? Check!


So the question is: how to style your inner nerd without looking like you’re heading to comic con?


First: Find balance.

Let’s not put on head-to-toe Star Wars. You don’t need Star Wars branded leggings with an Obi-Wan t-shirt and a Millenium Falcon bag. Unless you’re going to Galaxy’s Edge, in which case, go all out. We’re talking about how to style your inner nerd every day. So keep the piece simple, like the Anakin Skywalker sweatshirt I’m rocking here.


Second: Pair with the classics.

I grounded this look with a pair of slingbacks that mimic a classic Chanel shape, which plays well against the sci-fi sweatshirt. The Panama straw handbag is also in a classic shape that compliments the sweatshirt rather than competes with it.

Classic denim is a no-brainer to pair with a sweatshirt, but going with a bedazzled pair really elevates the look. 


Third: Add on your fave accessories.

I am all about the detachable collars recently! They are such a fun way to add extra volume and pattern to any look. The collar I added to this look lightens it up with the cream and green, but pulls the look together with the same purple as the purse and socks! 

Another thing I’m really into? SOCKS! I don’t know why but I think they are just the most fun extra pop of color or print to any look, especially with slingbacks or loafers. Bonus: when it comes to how to style your inner nerd it’s an homage to nerds of yesteryear. 

 What’s your fandom?

Do you have any tips on how to style your inner nerd? 

I’d love to know if you’re a Trekkie, a Potterhead, or if LOTR, or anime is your thing! Shout out below. 


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