Figuring out how to dress for couple’s photos to look chic and not cliche can be a challenge! Especially if you are the one who has to force the other into clothes they hate. I got lucky in the man department. While I am eccentric and eclectic, he holds his own in the fashion department with a classical and minimal style. Our opposite sartorial choices make us look like we planned our looks every time we leave the house! I also love that if I ask if something looks right or missing, he always has a well-formed opinion that fixes the fit.  Bonus: he loves online shopping as much as I do! Which works in my favor.

Bill’s go-to uniform is black denim with a white or black tee. He invests in high-quality custom denim, but cheap t-shirts as white tees need to be replaced often. (Don’t worry! The discarded ones get used around the house and for the dogs. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.). However, when we take photos together, he steps out of his day-to-day wardrobe and throws in some pops of color! When it comes to how to dress for couple’s photos, we style our looks together. I get every couple is NOT like this- it’s totally our thing though. Take a scroll and check out my three tips to help you look chic not cliche for your next couple’s photo sesh. 

Man and woman sitting on porch railing wearing coordinating outfits.
Man and woman against a black wall with her crouched down looking away from him.
Man and woman walking holding hands and laughing.
Man and woman leaning against porch support column.
Man and woman against a black wall with her elbow on his shoulder.
Man sitting on stool leaning on woman standing behind him as she cradles his head.
Mn and woman standing in front of a wall covered in wall with flowering vines. He is wearing a floral printed shirt and she is wearing a loose knit draped sweater.

1: Let the more forward-dressing person choose their look first.

I hand’s down win the award for being the funky dresser in our relationship. When we know we’re going to take pictures, we often start by choosing my shoes! I fell in LOVE with the chunky style of these Steve Madden slides and knew our shoot would have a 90’s vibe for the above images.  And what’s more 90’s than an open-knit oversized sweater? The cream one from Free People I wore had the perfect amount of volume and vintage vibe.


2: Go with symmetry or opposites!

When it came to how to dress for couple’s photos this go around, we went for symmetry- we both have cream on top and black on the bottom. However, we went for opposites for showing skin- his arms and my legs. The results lead to sartorial balance where neither look overwhelms the other. Are you both going to wear denim? Don’t wear the same shade- one wears light, the other dark. Are you both going to wear your beloved dancing boots? Don’t, for the love of all things fashion, wear plaid shirts too. Need some suggestions that will make you feel beautiful and him comfortable? 

  • Does he hate anything but athletic clothes? Get him some fresh joggers in a trouser fabric and complement it by wearing a blazer dress- high/low, opposites, and you’re both happy! 


Joggers and Blazers: For Your Perusal.


3: My #1 piece of fashion advice will always be: wear what makes you feel happy!

You could pick out something that looks dreamy on Pinterest, but the camera will show your displeasure if you don’t feel comfortable in it. Trust me. I’ve canned many blog shoots because the camera showed my smile was fake, and I was not digging my look or struggling behind the scenes. No matter how much you admire an outfit on your screen, memorializing that your discomfort is not worth it.


If you’re in a relationship do you enjoy couple’s photoshoots or is it something you and your significant other avoid at all costs? When it comes to how to dress for couple’s photos do you have a game plan you turn to or do you struggle with the styling? I’d love to hear below! 

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