I love fall.

Not because of pumpkin spice lattes (gross), haunted houses (nope, just nope), or infinity scarves (ick), but because the crisp season is here! The air is crisp, a crisp is in the oven (I’m partial to this recipe), and the crisp white button-up is again a layering base that doesn’t fear the yellow of sweat or the limpness of humidity anymore!

With fall’s arrival, we are officially blessed by the PRIME maximalist fashion time of year. The time when you can add all the layers and accessories your little heart desires without becoming dehydrated due to your style, creating a literal sauna in the swathe about you. Yet, it’s not so cold that you must cover your perfectly crafted layers with a coat! (I mean, let’s be honest, I also love the cold cold with funky coats and old-school accessories like balaclavas! But I digress…)

Btw, for those who have been here for a while, I would like to note that my obvious distaste for getting dressed in the summer has nothing to do with my taking summer off of social media and not sharing looks. That was mental, not style-related! Read all about my 110-day social media break here.

Shopping Tips for Updating Your Fall 2023 Style: 

We are out of the doldrums of between-season shopping, and my inbox is officially FLOODED with needs. I’m still working on the whole needs vs wants part of adulthood. However, I am getting pretty damn good at knowing my wardrobe hole and what I will actually wear a dozen ways times a dozen times (insert girl math here). Here are a few mental notes I keep when shopping these days:

-Adore jewel tones, love brights, hate neons. (This keeps my color palette refined.)

-Prints over solids. (But easy on the florals as they can easily overrun everything else!)

-VOLUME and shape. (I love puff dresses, and I will not lie. Also, I WILL wear them a million times, everywhere!)

-Shoes in unique colors. (I wear my metallic green cowboy boots more than any other pair of shoes in my wardrobe.)

-Jewelry that is not uber expensive. (I will lose it. Just another part of adulthood I’m working on.)

INSERT NOTE: I took a break from writing this and went to the mall. Where I kept thinking about the points above! Left behind: a giant neon hair bow. Purchased: a voluminous tulle overlay dress in a mauvish shade!

Without further ado, lets jump into it!

First up for Fall 2023 style:

1: Charlie Printed Mesh Top

Never underestimate the power a sheer turtleneck holds when styling a look. It is one of the strongest base layers to build a maximalist look on! It’s light and breathable, adds a pattern pop, creates a form-fitting layer to oversized looks, and prepends your entire look with a chic texture.  I got this one in pink shades that go with everything in my wardrobe! I LOVE the little seam ruffles on this top! Note: it comes in four colors!

2: ASKK NY Camo Sailor Pants

I am not going to lie. These pants are out of my normal price range! However, they go with everything! I’ve worn them on their own, with a skirt over, with a dress over. Camo is truly a neutral print, and this muted version makes them a great print addition to any and all pieces you want to pair them with! Size note: I’m 5,’ and they are the perfect length when worn with a slight heel (think cowboy boot). The waist is true to size.

3: Corey Lynn Calter The Divine Dress

I love a good voluminous sleeve, and this Corey Lynn Calter dress nails it! The print is muted but also has incredible details, like a sparkly gold thread throughout the center of the flowers. This dress is a great piece for dressing up or down. You could really lean into the metallic with a gold shoe and accessories, or play with the muted print and add another 20 prints! I love a versatile piece.

4: Free People Sweet Serenade Mini Dress

This may be my favorite piece from this fall 2023 reboot! The pattern is quiet, so it’s easy to print and play, but the cut and volume take it to the next level! The greens and purples are gorgeous together. Be sure to click the link to check out the back! Whether you wear it over tights or the above camo pants, this piece will fill a couple of wardrobe holes you may have.

5: By Anthropologie Square-Neck Tiered Midi Dress

I love a good twirl dress! This dress is perfect for styling on its own, over something, or under something! I’ve been wearing it over mesh turtlenecks and can’t wait to style it under sweaters (it has a tie you can French tuck into!). While it’s a good everyday dress, it would also be incredible for events like family holidays and work cocktail hours. Bonus: the fabric has a unique texture!

6: Steve Madden Dagget Western Boots  and Braided Headband

If you are coming here from Instagram, you KNOW how much I love these metallic cowboy boots! While a pair of metallic green boots seems impractical, the opposite is true. These boots go with everything! It normally holds true when styling that if an item goes with nothing, it goes with everything! Bonus: they are SO comfy!

I’m a headband gal. I never thought I’d follow so heavily in Blair Waldorf’s footsteps, but here we are. This headband is such a statement piece and it’s under $10. You know how some headbands pinch and will give you a major headache? My head is safe from that with this piece- it’s wearable all day long!

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