A dress with sneakers has become a reigning style in 2022. I read the other day that all the gals in London are pairing their white sneakers with a floral dress and denim jacket. (Can you confirm this if you are in London btw?!)

I have two theories why this style combo is so on trend right now:

1: The athleisure that reigned the past two years morphed into a breezy easy dress and kept the same footwear. My Reddit boards keep telling me no one wants to go back to heels of any height.

2: The minimalism trend of the 2010s heralded the rise of sneakers- like the Air Force 1s. It was a practical trend that became a classic and holds strong. Post-Covid, we all felt the desire to start dressing up a bit more, hence the dress pairing with sneakers!

What do you think?


Fun fact…


From when I was 14 till probably 29, I did not wear sneakers anywhere but the gym. I owned one pair and would change in and out of them in the locker room.

What did I wear instead? Black ballet flats. It drove my mother crazy because I was so hyperspecific about how they had to be shaped- almond toes, with the right vamp (not high but still no toe cleavage), and not leather but not canvas.

When my dad took me to Macy’s and bought me a $120 Nine West pair, Mum was appalled because she thought I would never wear them. I wore HOLES in them; they were perfect. Btw, I’ve to this day, never found a pair that lives up to their legacy.

Entering the chat: Scandinavian style bloggers.

If you haven’t seen Scandinavian street style you are MISSING out. There is some major fashion inspiration happening in that part of the world! The following shots are from pages that showed me that the dress and sneakers don’t have to be a floral print and white court shoe combo only. The way these women style a dress with sneakers is FRESH to me! The colours and shapes created are not just going with a trend but top-notch personal styling.

(Btw: Scandi style is also MAJOR dopamine dressing insperation as well!)


Women standing in tulle dress over a body suit with sneakers.
Women standing in tulle dress over a body suit with sneakers.



1: Skip the basics. 


Forget about the simple dress or the plain white sneakers. Add a bright colour with the shoe! It can clash or compliment. Go for a dress that isn’t your average sundress- a different factor, texture like ruching, or major volume can add major oompf factor to a dress with sneakers! 


2: Add socks. 


Ok. I know we spent our elementary years folding our socks so they wouldn’t show, but baby socks are back in a big way! Tulle, neon, embroidered, and more socks are a statement, not a faux pas. 


3: Play with length. 


When pairing a dress with sneakers, I gravitate toward a shorter dress to try to create length in my legs. However, I LOVE how @prosenkilde pairs her athletic-style sneakers with a longer dress- especially the dressier tulle. The juxtaposition is spot on! @marianne_theodorsen also plays with this by pairing a tea-length dress with hightops as seen above. There are no rules! 

Below are some of the ways I’ve paired a dress with sneakers! 

Can you tell I especially enjoy pairing them with pieces that have VOLUME? 

Which look is your fave? Are you a dress and sneakers gal? LMK below! 



Woman sitting outside on a chair wearing a yellow dress with pink sneakers and a pink bucket hat.
Woman in a black puffy dress with white sneakers walking in front of a flower wall.
Woman leaning against a wall wearing a dress with sneakers and an oversized denim jacket.
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