Dopamine dressing is one of the buzziest trends in the fashion world! While it’s a new phrase for some, I have been familiar with it for a while. How often do you get dressed with the express purpose of giving yourself a dose of happy chemicals? Or- do you even notice what you wear can change your mood? 

Dopamine dressing is wearing items that make your soul truly happy, that make you feel like the you-est possible you. For some, it’s bright colors; for others, it’s wearing tees from their favorite bands. I find wearing pieces that connect with my inner child always makes me happy and confident! 

How often as adults do we play? Do we let that sense of joy and wonder out? When we play on a playground or skip or roll down a hill, we often comment we haven’t laughed that hard in years! Why not bring that spirit to your everyday life when you get dressed? 


Dopamine Dressing: Embrace Your Inner Child


1: Start at the top!


I love the revival of the bucket hat! As someone who recently started using retinol, this item is as practical as it is fun. Bucket hats give so much more today than in the 90s- from floral to swirls, the prints can be the best-added detail to your look.

Dopamine hit: You’ll feel just as cute as you did building sand castles on the beach back in the day!


2: Play with print! 


With the return of maximalism fashion, there are many good prints available right now! And with the popularity of the Y2K style, I bet you can find a grown-up item in a pattern that is similar to an item you loved as a kid! For instance, this dress’s color and daisy print remind me of the outfit I wore the first time I watched Star Wars

Dopamine hit:  Nostalgia that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy! 


3: Go all out with accessories! 


I mean DINOSAUR SUNGLASSES?! Dopamine dressing at its finest! Playing with accessories is a fun to get in touch with your inner child. While I’m not saying grab the macaroni and go to town, definitely grab some chunky beads and pile on the chokers and bracelets! Mood rings, barrettes, pins, and bows are all funky ways to express your style and add pops of color in interest to your look.


woman blowing giant bubble with gum while wearing green dinosaur sunglasses and pink patterned bucket hat
woman sitting on railing wearing oversized denim jacket and pink hat looking away from the camera
waist down view of woman hold hat and purse while wearing yellow skirt and pink tennis shoes
full body picture of a woman wearing a yellow dress
woman holding handful of bubblegum in wrappers
woman sitting in chair wearing pink tennis shoes and bucket hat

Are you all about dopamine dressing, or is it a new concept?

What is a style trend, item of clothing, or accessory that makes you feel happy and confident when wearing it? I’d love to know! 

Also, it is SO hard to blow a bubble for photos. That is all. 😝


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