stylish couple posing on a cement block
stylish man and woman in San Diego
stylish man and woman in San Diego leaning on wall
man and woman sitting and smiling on stairs
man and woman kissing on stairs
man and women holding hands and smiling
smiling woman wearing a black bucket hat
stylish man and woman in San Diego leaning on railing

We were supposed to go to Belize in 2020- canceled: COVID. We were supposed to go to Belize in 2021- canceled: my shoulder surgery. Those couple’s photos would have been dreamy! At this point, I’m convinced going to Belize is just cursed…


For the longest time, people have been telling us how much we would love warm and sunny San Diego. We finally took our inaugural trip in Map! And what do you know? Everyone lied to us. California is NOT always warm and sunny! Fortunately, no one lied to us about the fact we would love it. Good food, beautiful sights, and great people. Do I have pictures of any of that? Of course not.


What I do have are couple’s photos! I have become a firm believer that couples should do more than just engagement and wedding photos in their relationship. It’s SO important to remember you are a FAMILY- regardless of if you have kids or not. So get those couple’s photos done. We’re dedicating ourselves to seasonal shots!

We spent an afternoon in San Diego doing couple’s photos with the uber-talented Celina Kenyon (Instagram, Website). I found her work via Thumbtack– if you haven’t used this site to find photographers I can’t recommend it enough. Pro tip: Photographers pay a fee when you message them via Thumbtack, I always reach out via Instagram to save their small business a tad! Did you take a sec to look at her work? Isn’t she dope?!

During this couple’s photo session we did three looks. This was the most relaxed and vibrant of the three. We made sure that each look was distinctly different and yet had the same vibe. I can’t wait to share the rest and some couple’s styling tips with you!

Random couple’s photos: have you done a shoot with your significant other? Sound off and tell me all about your experience! Not up your alley? I’d love to hear what’s holding you back!