Fact: I am a HUGE history buff! So when The Brown Palace Hotel in Downtown Denver asked me to attend their 130th Birthday Celebration, I was beyond excited. I had previously been to this historic Autograph Collection hotel for tea time with my mother and sister. I had yet to see it in its evening glory, and glorious it is! The vintage surroundings make you feel like you have time traveled. However, the modern amenities make you feel like you are staying in the lap of luxury. 

A man and woman standing inside the ornate Brown Palace Hotel in Denver Colorado

History at The Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace has seen a lot in its 130 years: from visitors like the Beatles to the infamous Edward VII of England (you know, the Prince of Wales who abdicated the throne and because of this we have Elizabeth on the throne!). It was known as the White House of the West because Eisenhower often stayed there! Even the infamous Unsinkable Molly Brown held court at The Brown Palace after surviving the sinking of the Titanic.

While the Hotel is seeped in history and features original stained glass and wrought iron put in place 130 years ago, it has been updated to reflect every modern convenience. The rooms feature double vanities, showers with multiple heads, single-cup coffee makers, and plush bedding! I was pleasantly surprised by how large the rooms are. I could honestly pack as much as I wanted and have room to open all the suitcases!

A man and woman standing inside the ornate Brown Palace Hotel in Denver Colorado

Let’s talk about the food!

The best part of staying at The Brown Palace Hotel is their restaurants: The Ship Tavern, Ellyngton’s, and Palace Arms. I had the privilege of dining at Palace Arms, where I had a delightful vegan main course and was seated next to Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife’s dueling pistols! (I told you the history is strong here!) Additionally, they have Churchhill Bar, Brown Palace Coffee and Tea, and the Atrium Lobby, where they serve tea daily! We’re talking about a full-on tea party with the best treats and an incredibly varied tea menu. Additionally, don’t sleep on the room service for breakfast! I enjoyed some of the best-smoked salmon toast I’ve ever had in the comfort of our room in a cozy spa robe.

For their 130th birthday, The Brown Palace provided entertainment by both an acapella group and an incredible jazz quartet! They served birthday cake and champagne (two of my favorite things.) It was an honour being their guest for this event! I can’t wait for my next chance to visit The Brown Palace Hotel! 

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