Let me tell you a story… In my teens and twenties, I was NOT the best sunscreen user. Tanning oil…. spray, or the straight-up frying pan slick tropical kind was the path I trod. Then I hit 30 and added tretinoin (retinol) to my evening skincare routine. A second-degree sunburn later, and my life priorities majorly shifted. I no longer wanted to be a vampire sparkling in the sun- every time the rays touched me, I turned into a flaking zombie!

I took a very sharp turn about in the sunscreen world and started trying to find the best sunscreen possible that would be:

-not stinky

-not sticky

-and wouldn’t break me out.

Some trial was involved (I don’t like Super Goop, it turns out, and my skin doesn’t like Neutrogena!), but I found my favorites. Favorites to the point of multiple rebuys! To top off my best sunscreen sunday, I went for the perfect cherry on top: a hat! Not just any hat style this summer will do for me, though- nay, nay. I am all about the resurgence of the bucket hat (I’ve linked some of my favs below.)

Let’s start with my everyday go-to face/neck/chest sunscreen!



I have been loyal to the Australian Gold brand for over a decade now! Fortunately, I didn’t need to abandon it on my best sunscreen quest. I only needed to change my formula to be one that has SPF. My favorite thing about this brand is the scent! It’s the perfect tropical semi-sweet scent one wants in the summer without being overpowering. 

The spray gel formula leaves NO residual feeling and instantly dries, and the bronzer gives you the best little glow. 


I’m going to be incredibly honest. I have a love/hate relationship with this product. It is a great combo of the classic Cerave moisturizer and the best sunscreen you need. However, the fact it only comes in one shade is off-putting. I can only use this in the late summer- definitely not a year-round product for me. 

The results and the price point make it a great option to at least try though!



I needed a daily sunscreen that worked well with whatever makeup I decided to wear (if any!) AND didn’t make my eye burn in the middle of the afternoon. 

This hit the three points above and these two, which made it a winner. I will say that I do NOT like the $40 price tag, but it is worth it. The addition of Vitamin E and antioxidants definitely has made a difference in the glow of my skin as well (I know the tret has something to do with that too). 



So it doesn’t have to be a black one but gee the return of this shape has been so much fun in 2021. They just feel sleek and simple. Plus the best part? Excellent face and neck shielding.


Ok. Needing a lip product with SPF might seem a little extra, but tretinoin is strong stuff, and my lipline peeled right off multiple times before taking this leap.

Aquaphor is just a basic classic product you can trust. This tube is cheap and effective! Within a couple of days, the peeling healed up and, with continued use, did not reoccur. I definitely consider that a best sunscreen success! 

I shared my best sunscreen options so it’s your turn.

Even having found some favorite products, I’m always open to trying new ones!

Also. Bucket hats-controversial subject in the fashion world! What are your feelings? I need to know!

2021 Best Sunscreen: Because Your Future Is Bright