Ready for my style in and out list?

Last week, I shared my in and out list for life in 2024. I personally hate New Year’s resolutions. I’m a big believer in making the change when you decide to, not on some mandatory date. However, there is something about the almost tongue-in-cheek feel of these viral lists that I am enjoying. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are as well!

Fun fact: From 2011-2019, I lived in 13 different places in six different states! That means the majority of the time, 60-80% of my wardrobe was in a bin stored away. Now that I’m finally settled, our whole basement has become my closet! (Don’t worry- the space is finished and has a window- it’s not a dungeon.)t! It’s been wonderful to be able to see EVERYTHING. For instance, my shoes and bags are, for the most part, displayed and accessible. I’m like a little girl in dress-up heaven!

Since I finally can see all my wardrobe, I’ve really been paying attention to it. I notice what I’m constantly reaching for and what is slowly getting pushed to the back, never to emerge again. Because of this, I’m making my style in and out list now, but not as a resolution. However, it’s as good a time as any to share what I’m letting go of and what I’m gravitating toward.

Hat: Amazon, Sweater: Eleven Six (similar), Tights: Amazon, Boots: Sam Edelman (similar), Skirt: Thrifted (similar), Purse: Thrifted (similar), Vest: Damson Madder

Style In and Out List #1: Holding on to pieces that no longer fit.

Letting go is as much a part of personal style as adding a new piece. Clothes that don’t fit, whether they’re too big, too small, or just not right, don’t deserve prime real estate in your closet. They hold you back from embracing your current self and style and allowing you to be the truest version of yourself. It’s time to thank them for their service and let them find a new home where they can shine. For me, this holds true in two ways.

First, Letting go of an item can be hard when there is an emotional attachment.

For instance, I kept the dress I wore to my dad’s funeral for over a decade despite never wearing it again. There was so much heartache attached to it. It wasn’t a piece I was holding on to out of reverence or respect in memory of my dad. It was moved from place to place and kept in a bin at the back of the closet or balled up in a bottom drawer. I kept it because I felt like I was supposed to keep it forever.

One day, I looked at it and knew there was nothing special about it. It was a plain long-sleeved black jersey dress from Forever 21 in a style I would never choose. The dress was clingy and bland, and I actually kind of hated the dress itself. It was ish I needed to drop. So I threw it away. Could I have donated it? Yes. But it held so much that I wouldn’t want to pass on to anyone else.

Second, dress for the body you have, not the body you want.

I was holding on to so many pieces from before I got actual hips and boobs. Pieces I was going to fit back into someday in the future when I got serious about exercising and eating right.  Blah, blah, blah. When it had been five years, and the size was still not my current size, I knew it was time to donate. Let’s just say I had a LOT that fit into that category. I’m never going to be the size I was when I was 24 again, which is OK. It was a time, this is a time, and my body will continue to change- as will my personal style.

Addendum: Want to read more about the correlation between psychology and style? Read my post: “Fashion Psychology: How To Make Style Work For Your Mood.”

Out List #2:Wanting the ‘IT’ Item

In the immortal words of Miranda Priestly, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” This sentiment rings true for the so-called ‘IT’ items. You know precisely what I’m talking about- you can probably envision the IT bag, shoes, or skirt everyone on your feed seems to have. ‘I’m looking at YOU Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, Adidas Sambas, and that Chopova Lowena skirt.’

While nothing is intrinsically wrong with these items, chasing after the latest must-have can feel like a never-ending loop. Instead, focus on what resonates with your personal aesthetic. Style is about self-expression, not ticking boxes on a trend list. Caveat: if you genuinely love that ‘it’ item and you will wear it long after everyone else ceases to, get it, wear it, love it—for instance, my thick black glasses. I have been wearing them long before the ‘nerd’ eyeglass trend that went with mustache everything in the 2010s. In the future, I will continue to do so through whatever trend cycle happens in eyewear.

My Style In And Out List #3: Sequins

I know what you’re thinking…. Shiny, sparkly, lovely little sequins? How can such a fun item be on the OUT part of your style in and out list? LET ME TELL YOU. I love sequins. I’m like a raccoon drawn to their glint and glimmer! There are several items in my closet covered in these little round, square, or star pieces. I learned through Izzy Manual of @izzy-manual how terrible these seemingly innocent little doodads are for the environment.

Hint: they are NOT great at all.

Did you know sequins are not just some special material? They are made of PVC aka, good ol’ non-biodegradable plastic. Look, I don’t claim to be the earth’s bff. Yes, I don’t shop at SheIn, but I go through sparkling water cans at an alarming rate. When I learned from Izzy that 30% of the plastic used to make sequins is straight-up wasted due to the hole punched in the middle. I was flabbergasted. That statistic was very visceral to me, and I quit buying new sequins cold turkey.

While sequins have had their moment under the disco ball, their shine is taking a backseat, with one glittering exception: secondhand. If you’re drawn to the sparkle, hunt for vintage or pre-loved sequined pieces. This approach not only adds character to your wardrobe but also aligns with a more sustainable fashion ethos.

It’s all about the sparkle, minus the environmental footprint. A sequin takes hundreds of years to decompose. This means they end up in waterways and creatures’ tummies and airways instead. It’s a win-win. I get shiny objects in a more sustainable way, and the animals don’t die because of someone’s style choice!

Btw if you want more sustainable style tips, be sure to check out Izzy’s Instagram for some major susty knowledge and major maximalist style! She’s definitely someone I consider an inspiration.

Now, on to the most important part: I want to know what’s on YOUR style out list!

Do you need to let go of some sizes or emotional holds in your closet?

Or are you no longer feeling a certain print, shape, or colour? Let me know in a dm or the comments! 

Want to get the ‘IN’ part of my style in and out list? Stay tuned for my next post featuring what I’ll be adding to my wardrobe and where my focus lies in building my personal style.

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