The 2024 Met Gala marks the first time I watched the event live! Normally, I wait for Vogue’s mega post featuring every look, which I then spend days pouring over and absorbing every detail. However, this year, I was extra jazzed for the Gala, thanks to Kristen Bateman’s latest book “Fashion’s Big Night Out: The Met Gala Look Book.” Having spent a LOT of time looking at past year’s looks, I couldn’t wait for the post I had to see the red carpet.

First, before we go back to last night, we need to go back a month! In April, Bill and I took a quick trip back to Denver for his tattoo shop’s tenth-anniversary party. (Btw, if you are in that area and looking for an artist, go to Mammoth American!) While Bill was getting art stabbed on his body with a needle, I was creating art on mine with fashion.

Every time Randi Rheaa and I shoot together, MAGIC happens (check out the one we did for Electric Bubblegum)! For the past two years, we have been obsessed with the idea of volume in fashion with rococo pieces such as panniers. During NYFW in February, images of exaggerated hips from shows like Simone Rocha for John Paul Gaultier, Thom Browne, and more flew between us.

I instantly knew Randi was the only one to shoot the panniers we had been dreaming of! While this trip provided the opportunity, the challenge came when I couldn’t find the EXACT style of pieces I wanted. So I diy’d a set of black panniers with bejeweled flowers and burgundy fishnet tights that were crying out for matching bows! I met up with Randi at the studio with just a look. Once together, the creativity just blossomed with the addition of an outdoor aesthetic set and bow-laden headphones. It was then that our favorite collaboration together to date was born and named-

“Marie Antoinette: The Original E-Girl”

Dress: Sister Jane, Headband: Sister Jane (Similar), Bag: Collina Strada (Similar)
Lipstick: Maybelline, Tights: Amazon, Boots: Jeffery Campbell (Similar)

Why the title and why the pieces?

  • The rich jacquard fabric of the dress is perfect for the luxe vibes of France’s infamous sartorial Queen.
  • The heavily layered necklaces give a disembodied look with my head floating above.
  • Adding the orange bag and teal cowboy boots gave complementary pops of color!
  • Randi’s addition of a foliage carpet and puffy clouds just brought everything together!

So what does our “Marie Antoinette: The Original E-Girl” shoot have to do with the 2024 Met Gala? Even though we shot it a month ago, we might as well have named it “Garden of  Time”! When watching the Gala, I kept seeing similar motifs (Florals? For “Garden of Time”? Groundbreaking.), shapes, and colors (I see you Zendaya with the teal and emerald!). I present in no particular order:


My 2024 Met Gala Favourites: 

1: The Resurrected Victoria

First up, Chloë Sevigny in Dilara Fındıkoğlu! The 2024 Met Gala is not her first rodeo, but I definitely think it is one of her BEST. She said to Vogue about the look: “Honestly, I’m still a little confused by the theme, but I am interpreting it in my own way. I think it’s something of a rebirth, a decay.” An interpretation that is absolutely phenomenal and exemplified by the Victorian-inspired hair decor and the layered tulle hem. 

Image: Vogue

2: The Return Of SJP

For the first time in six years, the 2024 Met Gala welcomed one of the consistently best-dressed guests to the carpet: Sarah Jessica Parker! I was thrilled when she appeared in a flower lace trellis sculptural creation by Richard Quinn with the most Carrie of toppers by Philip Treacy. My favourite detail? The shoe and stocking combination melded together by exquisite embroidery and sparkles!

Image: Vogue

3: The Sands Of Style

We love a theme, and we love a look that PERFECTLY executes it! Tylas custom Balmain epitomizes the 2024 Met Gala theme and the Met’s spring exhibition, “Sleeping Beauties: Awakening Fashion.” There were (as always) many close-fitting mermaid-style dresses on the carpet, but Tyla’s salute to sand, including a custom hourglass, is just spectacular. Even if you hate sand cause “it’s coarse and rough and gets everywhere,” you must love this sandy piece! 

Image: Vogue

4: The Tinfoil Hat

I love a good conspiracy theory, and when I reference my tinfoil hat in the future, THIS is what I mean. Amanda Seyfried mixed futuristic silver with an exaggerated rococo hip for a stunning Prada dress that transpires time. As a conscientious environmentalist, Seyfried told The New York Times, “If I’m going to go to the Met ball,” she said, “there have to be solar panels on my head, or I’m not going.” She might not have silver solar panels, but her upcycled dress is serving electric vibes!

Image: Vogue

4: Harris Reed in Harris Reed for Harris Reed

Harris Reed at the 2024 Met Gala is The Sartorial Holy Trinity! The SHAPES, the colours, the hair, the makeup, the halo, the print, the pose—I would have loved this for the 2018 Met Gala’s “Heavenly Bodies” as well! I want to say so much more about this look, but it honestly speaks for itself. Absolutely ethereal! 

Image: Vogue

5: Let’s hear it for the boys!

Let’s be honest: The boys don’t always bring it to the Gala. I mean, we all love a classic tux, but this is the time to play! This year, though, the gentlemen BROUGHT IT! From giant flowers to turnips and clocks, they played a mighty broach game, and the pieces were stunning. 

From left to right: 

Mike Faist (Loewe), Morgan Spector (Willy Chavarria), Christian Cowen and Sam Smith (Christian Cowen), Jeff Goldblum (Prada w/Tiffany Accessories), Willy Chavarria and Marc Metrick (Willy Chavarria)

ALSO. I loved Eddie Redmayne in Steve O. Smith, talk about a PRINT. As well as Barry Keoghan in Burberry- TEXTURE!

Image: Vogue

6: Shoutout to Collina Strada! 

I am a huge fan of Collina Strada and loved that one of her pieces was on the 2024 Met Gala red carpet! Maleah Joi Moon wore a floral piece from the brand with all the hip volume I would dream of. The colors are so rich and the tulle is luscious! (Check out one of my looks featuring the COOLEST Collina tights!)

With that round-up of looks from last night’s Met Gala, do you think “Marie Antoinette: The Original E-Girl” deserves a spot in the garden? Randi and I are tickled at how the launch of these photos collided with Fashion’s Big Night Out!

Which Met Gala look was your favourite? 

Let me know in the comments! 

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