Fall 2021 style was full of bright colors and bold shapes on the runways. The Y2K trends are sticking around, and there seems to be a general theme of comfort but a shift from athleisure dressing. As we continue learning to be social again and realize “hey, people are seeing what I’m wearing…”, there also seems to be a general desire to express ourselves through style in a way that hasn’t been so strong since the early 2000’s/10’s street style explosion.

Like many, I did not do a lot of shopping in 2020 and heading into A/W (Autumn/Winter) my wardrobe was feeling pretty darn flat and uninspired. At the end of 2019 (there’s a lot of timeline math happening here for a style post…), I had done a closet cleanout of items that were no longer serving me fit-wise or personality-wise. I had just gone through big life events and a lot wasn’t me. What was left? An insanely larger collection of black merino and cashmere turtleneck sweaters, black denim, and a good amount of statement coats.

For 2021 fall style, I am all about bringing on the color and the print mixing! I don’t mean subtle print mixing like pinstripes and floral- I mean full-on PRINT CLASHING that works in a mysterious way that only fashion can. Did I plan every single item I wanted before shopping? No. Did I randomly have a girl’s (shoutout to Sierra and Italia!) shopping trip to the mall that serendipitously provided everything on my mental checklist? Black magic I did. So behold. My fall shopping picks:

1: Stradivarius Chunky Sole High Leg Boots In Beige

Truth: I purchased these a month ago and first wore them on a day it was 100+ degrees outside. My wisest sartorial decision? Lookwise- hell yes. Sweatwise- most decidedly NO. These boots are going to be great from now through the spring though! They clean off easily, have lots of traction, and seem pretty waterproof for general out and about in the snow.

The heaviness of the sole gives them great grounding for looks that are heavy on top- think chunky sweaters, or for toughening up more femme pieces- think lace skirts. There are few things fresher than winter whites and these boots nail it.



Stradivarius Chunky Sole Leg Boots in Beige High
H&M V-Neck Sweater Vest

2: H&M V-Neck Sweater Vest

Nerd style reigns supreme right now. Between the style legend, Iris Apfel claiming large black glasses frames as her signature look, and sweater vests showing up on every trend list complimented by chunky black loafers, there is no better time to try some classic heavy pieces for fall ’21 style.

This H&M vest is a thin knit that still holds its shape and doesn’t show the bumps and lumps of a blouse beneath it (personal pet peeve when layering). Easy layering without adding bulk! I’ve owned this exact one for precisely ten days (at the time of writing) and have already worn it:

-Over this camo dress, with the cream boots above.

-Over my husband’s denim shirt, with this flirty skirt, and the cream boots above (see the versatility?!?!) I wore this look 2x because I, Kait Elizabeth, am an outfit repeater.

-Alone with a black bralette, distressed black denim, these chunky black slides, and layered gold necklaces.




3: ASOS DESIGN Structured Fedora Hat 

I have bought 101 black hats like this over the years because it’s such an essential and versatile piece that can elevate a look. I’ve returned or donated 100 of them. This is the ONLY black hat I have ever found that has the shape and feel that works for me. I’m not telling you to buy this hat. Hats are a very PERSONAL decision, kind of like underwear. However, if all other hats have failed you, this may be your hat to end all hats also!

ASOS DESIGN structured fedora hat with size adjuster in black
ALDO Big Strut Lug Sole Loafer

4: ALDO Bigstrut Lug-Sole Loafer

I have a thing for lug-sole shoes right now. There is just something about their solidity that is drawing me in. This new fascination is a 180 for me because, in my teens and twenties, I was always the thinnest sole possible ballet flat wearer. Recently, an old friend who saw my pictures on Instagram was astonished to see me in sneakers!!! Back to the loafers. I cannot wait to wear the pair to the left with: 

– A plain slip dress and oversized blazer.

– One of those millions of black turtlenecks and distressed denim.

– An oversized Star Wars sweatshirt, straight-leg black jeans, and thick socks. 



5: Zara Printed Draped Tulle Top

This piece came at me from out of left field but is the piece d’ resistance of my fall style 2021! And what a fantastic piece it is! The tulle makes it lightweight for layering, the ruching gives it a fun texture, the print is MAGICAL for mixing and matching. Biggest bonus: the sleeves are extra long and have THUMB HOLES. The tulle is double layered so it’s not see-through since the pattern is so full of depth.

Zara Printed Draped Tulle Top

I can’t wait to share pictures of the actual looks I’m putting together with these pieces. Plus I have a few most pieces to share; I couldn’t give away all my fall 2021 style picks at once! What are you shopping for this season and how will you be wearing it? Anything, in particular, you are looking for for the cooler weather ahead? I’d love to help you do a Google shopping session to find the right piece to scratch your sartorial itch! 

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