Drop the Ish: A blog about style, beauty, life, all built on mental health. Allowing myself to let go of my need for perfection. To be raw and broken, open and unfiltered. I am moving forward to enable others to find the same self-love.

The Couture Chat: Introducing Carla of Sisu_Susie

Meet Sisu Susie, A Brand Favourite Of Maximalists:Previously, we've talked about the potentiality clothing has on our emotional state- the power of dopamine dressing in particular. Whether on Instagram, TikTok, or little blogs like this, you...

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Dopamine Dressing: How To Channel Joy With Your Style

Have you heard about "Dopamine Dressing"? Let's talk about the who, what, why of this style trend!  Fashion may be about clothing, but personal style is so much more than a dress or pair of shoes. Personal style is an expressive art form, a mood...

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How to Wear Pink And Red, The Non-Valentine Way

How to wear pink and red without looking like you're celebrating Valentine's Day has always been a sartorial quandary for me! Just like red and green outside of Christmas, it boggles my brain. Maximalist style is all about mixing colors,...

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How To Shake up Your Wardrobe When Uninspired

How often do you go into your wardrobe and have nothing to wear? Or all the pieces you own are boring you to death? We all have those times when the closet we own is completely uninspiring or feels like it no longer matches who we are. With...

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Fashion Psychology: How To Make Style Work For your Mood

Did you know there is an overlap between fashion and mental health? Fashion psychology is an "interdisciplinary field that examines the interaction between human behavior, individual psychology, and fashion, as well as the various factors that...

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