Drop the Ish: A blog about style, beauty, life, all built on mental health. Allowing myself to let go of my need for perfection. To be raw and broken, open and unfiltered. I am moving forward to enable others to find the same self-love.

My 2024 Style In And Out List: The INS

READY FOR MY STYLE IN AND OUT LIST? When I sat down to write my style in and out list, I thought it was a quick idea, but the blog post kept going and going. I didn't want a Vogue September issue-length post, so I split it into two posts....

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My 2024 Style In and Out List- The OUTS

Ready for my style in and out list?Last week, I shared my in and out list for life in 2024. I personally hate New Year's resolutions. I'm a big believer in making the change when you decide to, not on some mandatory date. However, there is...

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My 2024 In And Out List: A non-Resolution Life Update

What do you do when one chapter ends terribly and the next opens equally as heartbreakingly? Welcome to my world at the end of 2023 and the start of 2024. “Wait, hold on,” you say, “surely when one door closes, another opens?” While that is...

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